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What We Do

Outdoor Parties

The Backyard at Birds & Blooms Co. is a nature inspired business that offers unique opportunities to connect with nature, friends and family in a backyard setting. We offer a wide range of activities and services, from plant and seed potting to butterfly release, painting parties and holiday events. We believe that getting in touch with nature helps to improve mental and emotional health. Visit our website and come and explore The Backyard at Birds & Blooms Co. today.


Photography and Videos

At The Backyard at Birds & Blooms Co., we’re passionate about helping you reconnect with nature and bring the beauty of the living world into your life. Our photos and videos are straight from our own garden. We also share images from our feeder cam, where you can watch birds, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons in their natural habitats. Plus, we also weekly curate 3 minute meditations for added relaxation. Come share and explore our backyard with us!


Plant Sales & Events

The Backyard at Birds & Blooms Co. is a nature-inspired business that focuses on celebrating with plants. We offer a variety of services and events for our customers, including Mother’s Day events, pop-up parties, succulent sales, and more. We’re always looking for new ways to bring nature into your home or outdoor space!  Whether it’s with moss ball pets, air plants, or terrariums, we hope to bring a little bit of feng shui to your life. Visit us today and discover the beauty of nature!

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