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The Backyard at B&B Co. was created to share and grow an appreciation of nature in a backyard setting! Whether this is through one of our classes, plant sales, craft creations, birdfeeder cam, or photography, we want to help you connect to the uniqueness and splendor of the environment around us!

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About The Backyard at Birds & Blooms Co.

We're glad you're here! 

Hello! My name is Cheri and I am the creator of The Backyard at Birds & Blooms Co! I launched this business as a way to expand people's love and understanding of nature around us! My goal is educate and inspire people of all ages! To share how wonderous our environment is, right outside our door! My own love of nature started at an early age. My mom and I regularly hiked in a variety of landscapes. Visited zoos and botanical gardens. Even setting up bird and squirrel feeders, along with an array of flowers and foliage. Despite the fact we lived in rental properties, my mom found a way to bring beauty and comfort to our outdoor spaces! In 2018, my mom passed unexpectedly. It was a difficult time for me. I began to immerse myself in my backyard. As time went on, our diamond in the rough took on a new glow! We have made many enhancements and truly love our space that is now The Backyard at B&B Co!

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