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Introducing the Mossy Mugg - the perfect accessory to add some greenery to your desk, office, classroom, or home. This repurposed can is covered with faux moss for zero care or upkeep, making it a great choice for those who lack a green thumb! The larger size of the can makes it not only functional as a candle holder but also a beautiful accessory to any home decor. The gorgeous green color of the Mossy Mugg adds an outdoor flair to any space and is sure to be a conversation starter!


Please note, the Mossy Mug planter is for indoor use only. 


Unlesss otherwise stated, props are also not included. 

Mossy Mugg

  • All crafty cans are beautifully repurposed to create a new function! From a pen caddy, flower planter, candle holder, or just to add that special touch to your space! 

    Each can comes with drainage holes, if you should so decide to use it as a planter!

    Some crafty cans are spray painted with a glaze which makes them suitable for outdoor use. This is NOT the case for all cans so please read each item description. 

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